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My body is my gift.  I am “The Body Bohemian”.  A misfit… and I work with the body in an unconventional way.  I understand the body like no other.  I have spent many lifetimes including this one, completely disconnected from my body, numbing myself over and over again through drugs… sex… alcohol… food… and becoming trapped in my own minds prison.

I didn’t trust in who I was.  I didn’t feel worthy of being me… and this echoed into every other area of my life.  I was co-dependent on others. I suffered addictions to my own thoughts.  I had physical symptoms that totally consumed my every day life.  I had spent so long trying to escape my own body that I didn’t even know what my own desires were anymore.

I said yes to everybody at the expense of what I truly wanted every time.  Just to please others.  Just so I didn’t rock the boat.  Just because it was easier to keep everybody else happy.  I wasn’t worthy of self love.  I wasn’t worthy of putting my own needs before others.  I didn’t love myself enough to do anything about it.

So… I know all too well what its like to feel disconnected in your life.  To live so unconsciously that you don’t even recognise yourself anymore… or even remember who you were in the first place.

A health system that only offers band-aids.  Information overload from other coaches, healers, therapists, nutritionists, personal trainers… all saying “try this mindfulness training”… “try this diet”… “try this 60 day fitness programme”… “try this mindset course”… it’ll be the answer to all of your problems.

NO…. none of this works.  Why!?  Because they are all band-aids.  Further ways for people to make money and further ways to stroke your ego and tell yourself that you are doing something about your problems.

I don’t offer band-aids.  I go to the root of the problem.  I dont encourage co-dependency on me to keep coming back for more and more healing.  I offer you the tools to understand your emotions at the root and to dismantle the addictive patterns in your mind and body forever.

1:1 consultations 

During the 1:1 consultation, we work together on a specific area of your life that you feel disconnected from, trapped by or addicted to.  This could show up in your relationships with others or your relationship with yourself.  Addictive behaviours such as your thought patterns.  Uncomfortable physical symptoms in your body or emotions that seem to be ruling your life.

I will guide you to the root of the problem, raising your awareness around where it has come from, why it is there, why you are holding onto it and how you can let it go.

I am not here to do the work for you, only to be your guide and to raise your emotional awareness so that you can understand your emotions on a deeper level.  I provide you with the tools for life so that you are able to dismantle any negative behaviours or patterns in the future.

You not only benefit from my own extensive personal experiences, but also my wisdom and knowledge from investing thousand of pounds in my own self exploration and self development over the years.

I use my spiritual gifts as an intuitive and emotional empath to read your energy and put myself into your shoes.  I am also claircognizant and clairvoyant, so I am able to get insights and visions for you if they so desire to come through during the consultation.

The 1:1 consultation is 2 hours long and costs £2000 GBP.

If you would like to book a 1:1 consultation with me, please complete the application form below.

I look forward to empowering you to be a better version of yourself.

Take the 1st step…

Making the decision to empower yourself and take control of your own life is the ONLY way forward for you now.  The paradigms as you currently see them are now starting to crumble, and anything inauthentic will fail to survive.  There is no magic pill and nobody else can do this work for you.  Its takes a firm decision and then solid action.  As somebody who has spent years studying myself and unravelling lifetimes of suppressed trauma, social conditioning and destructive patterns, I know what awaits you on the otherside of fear.  However, only YOU can make that choice.