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Success Stories

Kim Pierre

“In my life I’d had some quite traumatic life experiences and I was left with suppressed emotions that over the years I’d tried to deal with, and thought I’d healed on some level, but even through traditional counselling and yoga retreats and anything I could to help release these suppressed emotions, they just didn’t work. During Gretel’s programme she gifted me the tools to enable me to release my suppressed emotions and to move forward in life, to give me the tools to deal with and respond to life’s problems.”

the BLOG

Finding the balance between life as a functioning human being and the secret side of you that’s mysterious – current energies with the full moon in Libra

Finding the balance between living your daily life as a functioning human being

You are a soul having a human experience – souls purpose – embodying your truth – follow your dreams

Contrary to belief, we are all a soul having a human experience. Every human being incarnated on earth with a unique soul’s purpose.

The raw truth about drugs and alcohol – my story

Drugs and alcohol both have a stigma attached to them. They can have

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