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a maverick misfit…



The Body Bohemian

My soul chose to incarnate into this lifetime with a very big and important mission.  To overcome past karma and skipped steps in other lifetimes.  To make peace with soul trauma.  To free every part of my multidimensional self… and to unlearn everything that I had ever known, including this lifetime of social conditioning and human programming, to create pure freedom in every aspect of my being.

My journey to get here has been like a snake shedding its skin and at the same time, like the metamorphosis of a butterfly.  It has been incredibly empowering, eye opening and liberating.  I have completely rebirthed a new me through making the single most important decision that I have ever made… an unnegotiable, lifetime commitment to becoming the best version of myself that I can be.

Before making the commitment to myself, I had spent nearly 13 years of my life trying every possible way to escape my body.  I numbed myself through drugs and alcohol and I became a genius in the art of hedonism.  I always felt different to everybody else.  Sensitive… and I felt everything to my core.  I hated feeling different and I was often left wondering why I felt so physically uncomfortable around others and why I was so complex.

So I did what I knew and that was to escape being me.  I ended up in a very dark place by the time I had finished, however, I took away some invaluable lessons from my experiences.  I know now that my soul chose every single one of those experiences, situations and people and I have found unconditional gratitude in everything I have been through.  It took me plunging right into the darkness and to feel such inner turmoil and sadness, to show me what I was truly here to accomplish. I reached rock bottom, there was nowhere else for me to go but inwards and to finally listen to what my body and soul was trying to tell me.

Somewhere I found a glimmer of self love… just enough to find the strength and courage to walk away from the pain and suffering, and to make that life changing commitment to my true happiness.

I understand now that my body is my gift.  My body is my genius.  She tells me everything I need to know.  I often hug her and tell her how much I love her.  I feel so blessed to have reconnected to the most important thing in my life after years of trying to escape everything she was so desperately trying to tell me.

My spiritual awakening has opened me up to things you would not believe, but most importantly, my purpose to serve others in their journey of self discovery and self love, through reconnecting to their body and returning home to their soul.

I am here to help the starseeds of the world.  The ones who feel misplaced or like they don’t belong.  The human beings who want real answers.  Not more band aids and more ego stroking.  The human beings who feel out of sorts with their bodies, disconnected from their emotions and trapped in a perpetual cycle of addictive patterns and self destructive behaviours.  The human beings who want out of the matrix.  Who crave freedom and oneness with their mind body & spirit.

Choosing to connect to a higher state of consciousness to guide you and honouring the internal compass of your soul, is the only way to evolve and reach your full potential.

It is the only path to awaken you to your souls purpose and dismantle every aspect of you that no longer serves you,

So you can transform like the metamorphosis of a beautiful butterfly and spread your wings to fly where ever your desire to go.



“journey of self discovery”

Kim Pierre

“In my life I’d had some quite traumatic life experiences and I was left with suppressed emotions that over the years I’d tried to deal with, and thought I’d healed on some level, but even through traditional counselling and yoga retreats and anything I could to help release these suppressed emotions, they just didn’t work. During Gretel’s programme she gifted me the tools to enable me to release my suppressed emotions and to move forward in life, to give me the tools to deal with and respond to life’s problems.”

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