Why meditation is so important

There are many benefits of regular meditation. It reduces stress, mental and physical stress causes increased levels of of the stress hormone cortisol. It also controls anxiety and promotes emotional health.  Two studies of mindfulness meditation found decreased depression in over 4600 adults. Self awareness in enhanced which may help develop a stronger understanding of yourself.

Meditation has been found to lengthen attention span and may reduce age related memory loss. It can generate kindness, increasing positive feelings toward yourself and others. It may also help fight addictions – the mental discipline you develop during meditation can break dependencies by increasing self control and awareness of triggers for addictive behaviours. Sleep can also be improved – a study found that people who meditated fell asleep quicker and stayed asleep longer.

There are numerous health benefits… it can also help control pain, as your perception of pain is connected to your state of mind and can be elevated in stressful conditions. Meditation can decrease bloody pressure, improving physical health by reducing strain on the heart.

Even if you only meditate for a few minutes a day to start with it will help you to feel more positive and more present in your life. If you are new to meditation and you would like some support, please reach out and it would be a pleasure to help.